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Security Services We Provide

We provide Highly Experienced Security Guards, Always Active, Well Educated, Professional, Tall and Healthy for any office or any event. Hire Security Guards in Delhi NCR. 

Security Guard

We are one of the reputed security service providers in the aspect of manned security. Our Security Guarding Services are of immense value as it is executed in an efficient manner at our clients’ location. Further, we offer a wide array of our manned security services ranging from a single man guarding contract to a multi-national security team. In addition, we ensure to place only licensed and well trained security personnel at our clients’ locations.

Event Security

Narvan Manpower Solution have professional security officers who have the training, experience and profile necessary to ensure the safety of your event. As a security provider for special events in Delhi NCR, we provide services ranging from small private events to full service events in larger venues. Our security guards are experienced enough to handle the crowd at different levels. We develop custom security plans to accommodate all types of events Our security guards are perfectly trained for handling such situations with great ease


Narvan Manpower Solution Bouncer teams are specially trained for first aid emergencies and crisis management. The bouncers are presentable so as to ensure quality services at the same time provide strong security presence. We are very particular about the technological equipment used during our services and can assist our clients in providing such security equipment as well. Security teams provided by us are useful in safe transportation of goods and valuables

Private Security Guard

Our security guards have undergone exceptional training to meet the requirements outlined in the Ministry-approved Security Guard Licence. At Narvan Manpower Service, we take it one step further and require our security guards to meet high physical fitness standards to ensure we meet every client’s need for personal security. Our security guards are trained to recognize threats and to keep you safe at all times.

Bodyguard Service

We provide Bodyguard Security Services to meet your exact needs. If you approach us, we offer security solutions within the fixed time frame. Before choosing bodyguard services, you must consider knowing about the exact terms and conditions. It is beneficial to render assistance. Most importantly, our team completely understands the exact requirements and security needs of our customers, so we always offer the best services

On Site Guard Service

Our on-site security officers protect properties, assets, staff and residents in private or public environments. They are trained to detect, deter, and respond to risks and incidents. They help make your world a safer place. Our security officers can perform security services with a dog, or screening services and loss prevention.

Gun Man

We furnish Gunman security guards with authorized weapons. It is imperative to have assurance for a protected situation. A security assumes an essential part in guaranteeing wellbeing of an individual, office, association and so forth. Their part is to keep one from any sort of viciousness. These Gunmen can be procured by anybody and are paid to secure particular individuals, association, and property and so on. They are there to secure you all day, every day

Residential Security

Home Security is paramount nowadays and it requires specialized services with customized training. Narvan Manpower takes continuous feedback from the Employer and updates its guards in regards to quality control, behavior and vigilance. We have worked hard to understand home security systems and best cases to arrive at judgement of using best practices for perfect residential security to safeguard your home in Sonipat & Delhi NCR Region

Construction Security

At Narvan Manpower Solution, we understand that the security services industry has many assets to protect, such as; equipment, tools, trailers and valuable materials. Our team will protect your property from theft within the site and trespassers, preventing any sort of delays and extra cost to your project. We will give you the peace of mind knowing that guards are performing regular patrols around the clock, providing 24/7 availability and undivided attention from our representative for your specific site

Commercial Security

Commercial security guards are used by businesses to reduce risks and protect assets. Commercial security guards can protect your business from vandalism, fires, and robberies. At Narvan manpower Solution, we’re known for our competence, reliability, and professionalism which makes us the ideal choice when searching for the best security guard company.

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Manpower had become the most reliable and inevitable source in all the industries and is seen low in numbers and quality for the desired and skilled labor force. Narvan manpower solutions has been the markup for over 7 years in service bridging this gap of man and machine so your business doesn't halt to grow.

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